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   be from a few thousand to way up. the fact that we're having what looks like the -- a pretty bad beginning of the season can turn out to be a full season and the fact that we're dealing with h 3 n 2 means we should be concerned and make sure that we can do everything that we possibly can. the way to prevent it is the personal hygiene measures but also getting vaccinated. if you do get the flu and physicians know this and should know this, if somebody gets hospitalized or has serious flu or is in one of the high-risk groups like a pregnant individual, pregnant woman, a young child or an elderly individual over 65 or someone with a chronic condition, they should be treated with the anti-flu medicines, like tamaflu and we know that this influenza is sensitive to the anti-flu medications that we have. >> dr. fauci, thank you so much for joining us.
   even if they're not performing. i want you to be held accountable. great teachers have no worry about being held accountable. and what i say to them all the time about their union is, you should have a union as good as you are and you don't. >> and by the way, let's say for the record here, not all unions, mike barnicle are created equally. there are some governors who are reformers who are able to team up with unions and actually get things done. >> well, state by state. >> yeah. >> teachers unions change state by state, massachusetts, the teachers unions are much more amenable to improving education at a local level than some other state unions appear to be. what is the issue here in new jersey at the union level? not at the teacher level, at the union level with regard to vouchers? >> they have made it very clear to me and to the legislature that that is an unacceptable alternative. and they will fight in every way they can. >> all vouchers. >> all vouchers of any kind. pilot program of any kind. no chance, that's what they've said.
   >> that was good anticipation. >> that's something else. we thought we'd show you that on a friday morning. check that big board, please. we're up nicely, 17,100 that is where we are. oil is moving and maybe that's not more to do with the stocks. ruby tuesday, know them well, disappointing numbers and down it goes. well, i sat down with ben carson yesterday, presidential candidate. we talked about government spending, roll tape. >> anybody who tells me, you can't, like nancy pelosi, you can't reduce by one penny or it will be a complete disaster because we are 100% efficient. what a bunch of crap. stuart: he's got a soft voice, but he tells it how he sees it, does he not. here is democratic strategies.
   this context that when president obama took office, gas prices were about $1.85 per gallon. now that they're up to about $3.75 per gallon, we can see a steady increase. over this 38-month period of time of his presidency so far, gasoline prices have risen on an average of about five cents per gallon per month. this is staggering when you think about the fact that if he's reelected. so if he serves out the rest of this term and is reelected, it's a total of an additional 58 months w. that increase, gas prices will be up at around $6.60 per gallon. this is a lot of money. it's staggering, and it affects everything we do not just from the miles that we drive, but also to the products that we buy at the grocery store. everything gets more expensive
   >> the darling of the mets. >> he hit a homer a couple days later. and now, is this sending flores out for a dramatic postseason. >> my close friend who is a mets fan texted me last night, because he knows, obviously the phillies, oh, typical phillies, he's a dodger now. what are you going to do. >> was it a fair play or dirty? we want to hear from you. >> i didn't know they were still playing baseball. i thought it was over >> there are other teams in baseball. >> hillary clinton has struggled in debates before. >> the likability issue, where they seem to like barack obama more. >> i don't think i'm that bad. >> you're likable enough, hillary. >> thank you. >> likable enough. could her past mistakes come back to haunt her in tuesday's debate? >> and it's a sacred journey few have ever made. the crew who piloted pope francis on his u.s. visit share their incredible story, live.
   broken up there by chase utley sliding in there, he broke his leg. so tejada is out. >> and they ended up keeping the safe call because his foot wasn't even on the bag. what a lose-lose. >> and the mets coach terry collins said he thinks the umpires made the right call because he never touched the bag. never touched the bag to get him out. chase utley thought he was out. he goes back out to the dugout. they send him back out, no you're safe. the umpire called him out. they let him go back, said it's the umpire's fault he walked away. the desperate situation the dodgers were in was that they lost game one. they're at home. they've got to win game two. it's a very close play. but i think he's trying to break up a double play so that the runner can score from third. >> and this is common practice. >> it happens a lot. i think it was a freak. i don't think he intended to break his leg. here's a side bar to the whole deal. the backup shortstop, now that tejada is out for the playoffs, flores. he was the guy who thought he was traded. >> right. >> crying. started crying on the field. then became a big national -- >> there he is. >> the darling of the mets.
   listen, the internet exploded last night. let me set the stage for you. it's the seventh inning. chase utley for the dodgers on first base. hernandez on third base and then the dodgers get up to make this play. watch this play right now. chase utley at second slides into ruben tejada, and see if this is fair or foul. watch. >> up the middle. they will not get the double play. chase utley going hard at second as the tying run scores. tejada looked like a receiver coming over the middle. having his feet knocked out from under him. by a defensive back. check this out. >> this is going to be a tough turn any way. the ball behind second base he was going to turn that way to make a throw. utley got off to a great secondary lead. he gets right there to break up the double play. >> throwing himself -- >> that double play that was broken up there by chase utley
   wondering how are they doing that? we're going to find out. we're tipping our hat to them. >> hipping our hat to ed henry. >> i was trying to be here yesterday but caught in a little weather on friday night. >> good to have you. >> i like the pockets. >> does it match? >> mm-hmm. >> a lot to get to this morning. >> we're going to start with this fox news alert because bowe bergdahl, is this a big break for him? a military officer recommending no jail time for the man accused of deserting his unit in afghanistan in 2009. >> the lieutenant colonel says the case should be sent to a lower level court-martial which means basically bergdahl's punishment could be reduction in rank and just a bad conduct discharge. >> this is a huge step down from a possible life sentence. now on charges of desertion and misbehavior before the enemy. remember, after bergdahl left his unit he was captured by the taliban and held captive. that was until he was freed last year when the united states exchanged him for those five taliban commanders. so a lot to get to this morning on this story. let's bring in lieutenant colonel tony shaffer who's been
   the reason it's important is because it gives job applicants a real fupt opportunity to show they are qualified so an employer can look at a person. that's what this is about. >> do we know. is there any way to know whether that one thing, making it a second tier question, rather than a first tier one changes the outcome when n ex-offender gets a job. >> absolutely. it has taken off. there are 16 states, and over 100 cities and counties that had a policy in pleas. we sn see from evidence that it works. north carolina, there the coalition for social justice worked with the city and county and found numbers increased. that is good for the local
   dream of becoming a artist. until she found value in lipstick. >> why do you think women wear make up? it lifts the spirits. >> when i ppint i want bright bold beautiful colors. guess what? that's what make up is. >> with the helppof a little rouge, splash of eye shadow and lipsttck, garrrtt brings backk3 >> i start to feel good and paint and feel better anddi couldn't stop painting. i paint 1000 pictures in five >> that's a lot of painting ya'll. okay everybody. come on slow moving. >> at the american visionary art museum. new exhibit takes an artful look at whaa makes us smile. >> you can't fake a real smile. >> throogh art and objects, the exhibit traces the source of happiness. in dark times..3 >> died three days later.
   beautiful woman. >> only to slam the former hp ceo 25 minutes later. >> she can't run any of my companies. >> carly firing back as it was the most watched program in cnn history. >> you were forced to file for bankruptcy not once, not twice, four times. >> after the debate, pure chaos.
   >> poor skimbles. >> he wasn't close. sadly. >>> and the winner for the 2014 "pop news" of the year elmo. elmo the sausage thief. >> i feel like we're rewarding bad behavior. >> you're right. >> the others could use a little encouragement. >> maybe a sausage on a window sill. >> should have been given it to the cat. i feel bad. that's "pop today. >> can't wait for 2015 and all you have in store for us. >>> and coming up next on the holiday heat index, what 2015 has in terms of pop culture. joining us with the hottest trends from fashion to tv to music, we have our good friends,
   encounter with a shark. >> that's a hammerhead you're looking at that. >> all that -- >> coming inches away from being crushed. he comes out of this unscathed. >> check out the einstein parrot
   i have proven it once again. and he isn't our only friend. >> that's as close as you have ever gotten, lara. >> wait until you hear this. >> more? >> this. >> all right, all right, all right. >> that's einstein. the parrot from texas. who has taken to parroting his fellow texas friend, matthew mcconaughey. >> now, when you can get a dog
   zero heartburn. >>> my favorite story of the morning. >> this is your shout of the morning. we all know the famous line from "dazed and confused." >> all right, all right, all right. how you doing? >> i love that movie. >> now you can meet einstein, the parrot. this could be the best matthew mcconaughey impression ever. >> all right, all right, all right. all right, all right. all right, all right. >> his owner says she started mimicking mcconaughey after watching him accept the oscar for "dallas buyers club." like matthew mcconaughey, almost never wears a shirt. >> the parrot's so chill. that's what i like about matthew. so laid back. water off a duck's back. a parrot's back. >> we all love him after he accepted that award. it was an oscar, right, for
   favorite star of 2014. now the contenders a couple of real talkers. there was this guy. and i mean real talkers seriously. >> what? what? >> what? >> no. >> what? >> he wants to knowwhat? there was also einstein. who was channelling matthew mcconaughey. >> all right, all right. >> one more time. >> all right, all right. >> all right, all right, there you go. and then there was elmo, the canine thief. the dog. >> this was good. >> who -- instead of sharing. >> he has no problem doing this. >> oh! >> we love you so much elmo. >> and finally the cat. i couldn't let it go. one more time. >> skimlbles! you can do it! go! >> poor skimbles. >> he wasn't close.
   you guys. there is -- >> is this here for a reason many? >> there is a parrot -- this is important. there is a parrot who can do an impersonation of matthew mcconaughey. so we're going to close our eyes and the phrase that he does is that phrase, all right, all right, all right. so the african parrot is named einstein. >> play the first clip. >> all right, all right, all right. >> okay. >> all right, all right, all right.
   surveillance, not about the man himself. do you think he accomplished his goal? >> yes, i do. i think that he needed to be out of the country in order to do what he has done, which is to guide several reporters that he's dealt with, bart gellman, lauren greenwald, very carefully through chat logs through the maze of arcane symbols and illusions through these documents. if he had simply dumped them on the web, which he could have done without any retribution, and he would be free and clear and back in hawaii right now if he had done that, they don't speak for themselves. there's too many symbols and code words that even i having had those clearances and been in the government wouldn't understand without someone informing me. so he's been able to do that continuously, and the only way he could do that was from outside the country.
   but senator mcconnell isn't the only gopper with a problem. here's majority leader eric cantor just last year. >> it is time to provide an opportunity for legal residence and citizenship for those who are brought to this country as children and who know no other home. >> then just last week, cantor stressed that he supports legalization for young undocumented immigrants in the military. but that was all in washington. back home where he faces a tea party challenger it is a very different message. here's a mailer that was actually sent out by his campaign. "conservative republican eric cantor is stopping the obama-reid plan to give illegal aliens amnesty." so which is it, mr. cantor? then speaker boehner reportedly
   be part of the conversation at we mean by that and how prevalent it is. >> about one in three teenagers experience some form of teen dating abuse. we use the words violence and abuse interchangeably. really it refers to a broad spectrum of things i.'s not just physical. that's one of the first things we try to educate about. it's not just physical, it can be emotional psychological, sexual, financial, and it can really be primarily through the use of social media sort of a manipulative, controlling type of behavior. the physical is usually what you'll see later. all the other things are the trigger sign, the warning signs we should be looking for. >> it's interesting, and i want to talk later in the half hour about how social media can help and hurt and raise awareness. >> julian, you have done a truly tremendous job, you were in eighth grade when you came up with this psa. >> back in 2012 when i was at eighth grade, i was at roberto clem mean tea focused on producing media. some classmates of ours we were introduced of this project by our teacher, mr. dempsey. this choose respect conference was introduced to us. so we made this psa, my friend daniel and i took up the roles as the actors and my other two friends came up with the idea. it was a cause that we were very interested in and hoping to raise a little more awafrns about. so we made the psa and amazingly in 2012 we won first place as eighth graders competing against high schoolers and other middle schoolers. very excited about that. >> we've got a big conference coming up march 8th. everyone said this is free. tell people what they will find at this conference. >> on march 8, it's for montgomery county teens, their parents and youth service providers in montgomery county and really the idea is education and prevention and some fun stuff that we'll be doing during the day. our focus here is on social media. our theme is actually hash tag respect yourself 2015 with the idea that we're trying to promote and explain appropriate use and inappropriate use of social media and really lick tronnic devices as a whole. students will literally walk down the red carpet and have an opportunity to take selfies in front of sort of a line of different sponsors and other things behind them just like the academy awards. there will be the pylons, a lot of fun. we'll be incorporate rating social media into the day. the students will have a chance to hash tag or promote and put out there the things we're learning through the day. we're not just touching the lives of the families and kids that come on march 8th burks also a broader reach which is what social media is about. >> cheryl, welcome backs, you've been here before. you are a survivor yourself. as we focus on young people, teenagers in particular, your daughter also has a story too. you've been working with her on this as we talk about social media and technology and the way things are changing now. share a little bit of her story. >> i will. she's now 21. it happened when she was 16 years old and a student at a montgomery county high school. the young man in question was two years older than her. it was so interesting jim, much like a cycle of violence that adults experience. he drew her in seduced her through gifts and through being kind to her and listening to her and eventually what happened is he started tracking where she was through her cell phone, sending her very, very abusive text messages, blocking her friends, telling her to block her friends on facebook, on and on and on. >> trying to gain that control really. >> exactly, because it's all about power and control. it was only through the intervention of a mentor that she had at the university of maryland. my husband and myself, her parents that things were able to stop. it was a long, very heartbreaking time for her and for everyone involved. >> we've got a lot more to get to. we'll be right back after the break. as we go to break, if you'd like to learn more about the con flens coming up choose respect here is the website to go to. stay with us on "viewpoint."
   majority of americans, senator inhofe he used a snowball to debunk littleberal science. >> we've been hearing that 2014 has been the warmest year on record. do you know what this is? it's a snowball just from outside here, so it's very very cold out. mr. president, catch this. >> anna holmes is back. joining us now is seton smith and former governor of vermont, howard dean. james inhofe is packing snowballs on capitol hill to debunk liberal science. your reaction? >> i don't think people take chairman inhofe seriously anymore and that's i guess my reaction. >> if he's the chair of his senate committee tasked with
   this country now and most of them are post 9/11 iraq and afghanistan veterans. so there are a lot of companies out there. >> pop a lock national, what's that? >> so this is a franchise opportunity. i've brought a lot of these franchises to the show because think give deep discounts. many of the veterans i talk to, they want to be home, in their hometown and don't want to have to move to find a job. the operating officers of the country is a veteran. it's a locksmith company. but there's mechanical skills are great for frenchs and you inn your own franchise, which i like, obviously. >> number two on the list, spectrum health. >> this is paid internships. basically, they bring you in.
   a keg in the office. unless of course it's filled with coffee. >> have you had a chance to try the coffee out of the keg yet? >> i tilt the cup and try to get a perfect pour and then i realize, it's coffee. >> more than 15 gallons of java. in a keg, complete with a tap. it's served cold in shots. >> we can fit three kegs in the keg rater. >> that's a jolt too. it's a strong cup of coffee. to the point where you can have that energy you need. >> disruption corporation is the first to put one in the office. disruption invests in hot high tech companies. nothing like a jolt of joe to keep the creative juices flowing. >> it definitely gives us a good jolt. we are staying late. >> the local coffee roaster has been tasked with keeping the barrel full all day so workers
   even the mainstream media is panicking. and when the comes to the president, scorching. the new york daily news today asking, do you have a strategy now, mr. president? right on his front page. and op ed in the washington post focussing on what it call its the president's unnerving happy talk. advised three u.s. presidents, nixon, fortd, reagan, what does he make of this one? patrick, what do you think? >> how are you neil? i think what we just heard was pretty important. look, this is a barbaric atrocity pitted against americans, but at the same time,
   but go ahead, that is one of my questions. >> i knew you'd want to ask it. what you'll see is a conservative speaker, that takes a conservative congresses that puts a strategy to win. everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any of that had happened. >> i agree. i give you credit for sequestrati sequestration, i'll give you credit where credit is due. but here's what every conservative wants to know. >> yes. >> are you willing to defund obamacare and use your constitutional authority? are you willing to use the power of the purse to defund planned parenthood? will you use the power of the purse to stop the power grab of
   but go ahead, that is one of my questions. >> i knew you'd want to ask it. what you'll see is a conservative speaker, that takes a conservative congresses that puts a strategy to win. everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right? but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee. what are her numbers today? her numbers are dropping. why? because she's untrustable. but no one would have known any of that had happened. >> i agree. i give you credit for sequestrati sequestration, i'll give you credit where credit is due. but here's what every conservative wants to know. >> yes. >> are you willing to defund obamacare and use your constitutional authority? are you willing to use the power of the purse to defund planned parenthood? will you use the power of the purse to stop the power grab of